Yuzu Kitami

Yuzu is a tomboy who has the habit of sticking her tongue out of her mouth. She usually wears hoodies and even one of her S Rare titles is Hood Maid. She has recently begun to join Honoka Ayase Shinobu Kudo and Azuki Momoi in a unit. In Starlight Stage the Producer met Yuzu during a drama shoot. He recruited her as an extra which she happily agreed to. After the live she expressed that it was fun and that she was nervous something that almost never happens to her. She also revealed that she is the vice president of her badminton club. The Producer asked her if she wanted to become an idol which she accepted so that she could have more fun as an idol. In the tiein Cinderella Girls Theater skits Yuzu is a friendly and playful girl. Other idols see her style of hoodies as a selling point. She calms Reina Koseki down when her bazooka is broken in half. She turns out to be a fairly good cook when compared to Arisu Tachibana Kotoka Saionji and Yuki Himekawa. She likes anmitsu. She is a close friend of Azuki Momoi and was introduced to Honoka Ayase by Shinobu Kido. She offered to take Honoka and Azuki shopping. Shinobu and Honoka later invited her to knit with them. However Yuzu broke Honokas concentration by stabbing Pinyakorata out of boredom with a knitting needle. She didnt have much faith in Azukis plans and was surprised when they occasionally were completed. She also chose Honokas Pinyakorata hat with the rest of the group to wear at an amusement park and took pictures of Azuki in an impromptu posing session with Honoka and Shinobu. Source: Project iMS