The first Gilgamesh member to die Octo Eight is dealt a fatal wound when Orga clashed with Gilgamesh after Gilgamesh kidnapped Kiyoko from the Hotel Providence. A building at the airport collapses on Octo who struggles out from under the rubble nearly completely unable to move. As the Countess coolly informs Isamu to retrieve the body for scientific study Octo recognizes Novem who inclines his head regretfully and Octo reverses his antimatter causing a massive explosion that rocks the whole area. Octo has ice blue eyes and dark brown hair cut just above his chin and bangs. He is one of the three first introduced and is the one to significantly make five cups of cocoa instead of three. Octo is the most gentle of the Gilgamesh with the possible exception of Novem and likes animals as illustrated when he is seen feeding the seagulls popcorn shortly before his death. Source: Wikipedia