Yui Ootsuki

Age: 17 Height: 155 cm Weight: 42 kg Birthday: May 7th Blood type: B Three sizes: 845683 cm Handedness: Left Hobbies: Karaoke Horoscope: Taurus Hometown: Saitama Yui is a playful laid back and informal girl who marches to the beat of her own drum. Initially her love of candy was played up as her primary quirk it faded into a minor trait as her character developed. She became best friends with Chinatsu Aikawa after befriending her at the games first New Years event. In fact one of her stages of evolution leading up to a swimsuit S Rare features her wearing Chinatsus glasses. She has been known to tease the Producer about indirect kisses when she offered him a lick of her lollipop which is her favorite food. She refers to the Producer with the chan honorific. In the tie in Cinderella Girls Theater skits Yui is a fun loving and excitable teen. She loves the freedom some roles give her particularly that of a pirate. She tries to be mature by bringing her version of a hot drink to an onsen but finds the cola to be disgusting due to it having gone flat. She is friends with Chinatsu and Mary Cochran. She wanted to walk with the Producer under an umbrella together and tried to get a taste of Hijiri Mochizukis cake until Hijiri began to cry in worry for a sugar figurines life. Yui is quick to point out that Yuu Ohtas chocolate figure is suspicious and hopes Akky isnt in any danger. Source: Project iMS