Aki Yamato

Aki is an upbeat woman who loves everything military related: from the smallest combat knives to the largest naval warships. She has a massive collection of airsoft and replica guns including several out of production airsoft weapons. Aki is very knowledgeable in the topics of wilderness survival and military tactics and is also a crack shot with airsoft guns. She cares very deeply about military hardware and military history. She has been known to bring a fourtube MANPADS an antiaircraft rocket launcher party streamer to the office. She also tends to be very trigger happy especially when in airsoft or paintball tournaments. Aki enjoys playing First Person Shooter games. In the tie in Cinderella Girls Theater skits Aki shows off her sharp shooting skills at a carnival event. She believed Halloween to be a celebration of the victory of gods over devils and is eager to try shooting candy instead of live rounds from her weaponry. She usually has her mind occupied with armies and weaponry which has affected her mentality and some conversational skills. Aki can be seen struggling with an unusual acting concept in the dressing room along with Natalia Natsuki Kimura and Hotaru Shiragiku during a live tour. She also enjoys play fighting with her fellow idols as practice for upcoming roles but is admittedly terrified of Kiyora Yanagi as an opponent. In the Junjou Midnight Densetsu event it was shown that Aki is very enthusiastic about muscles and was pleased to be in a unit of well built girls. She initially clashes with Takumi Mukai because she didnt understand the delinquent lifestyle but the two become fast friends after an arm wresting match. Source: Project iMS