Syuko Shiomi

A footloose and playful girl from Kyoto Syuko used to help watch her parents Dagashiya shop until getting kicked out after an argument with them. Needing to fend for herself after being kicked out Syuko began working as a waitress and had a hobby of donating blood in order to scrounge up money to live on. The Producer ends up recruiting Syuko and she stays in the productions dormitories. Syuko reveals that even though her parents kicked her out because she was lazy she isnt on bad terms with them. In the tiein Cinderella Girls Theater skits Syuko is shown to move at her own pace. She admits that she cant be as sexy as Minami Nitta and wants to believe that she is more of a nightlife person. While she can be lazy she is normally active during the daytime. Syuko says she cannot swim although Sachiko Koshimizu is dubious of this. Source: Project iMS