Hiromi Seki

Hiromi when first scouted lacks confidence in herself and her ability to be an idol due to her eyes and her resting face often being interpreted as angry or aggressive. She has difficulty smiling naturally and carries a hand mirror to secretly practice her expressions with. With the players support she is able to work through these insecurities and stand on stage with a dazzling smile. Many of Hiromis cards feature skillfullymade accessories implied or stated outright to be handmade. In several Cinderella Girls Theater comics she is shown taking inspiration from encounters with other idols to make accessories. Despite being young Hiromi is fairly responsible and takes her work as an idol seriously. If left without supervision she takes initiative practicing on her own and pushing her fellow idols to work harder. She is protective of younger idols and tends to defer to her elders for advice when possible which has led to her to imitate other idols with sometimes disastrous results. Source: Project iMS