Atsumi Munakata


Atsumi is an exuberant and touchy-feely girl. Simply put, she is a super-energetic girl with a great love of the female body. Her love extends so far that she enjoys foods like soft buns. She became an idol to make lots of female friends, and maybe even engage in some "skinship" with them. When it comes to describing other women, she talks rather perversely, and she is often found gazing at other idols’ bodies.

Her attention span to an assignment is proportionally reduced as the quantity of surrounding beautiful females is increased. This was especially shown at the Hawaiian Beach event, where she was part of the idol group. Atsumi made sure to bring a camera.

Atsumi often schemes up ideas to get other idols to allow her to fondle their breasts, although she has been known to occasionally go overboard. Some idols have managed to use this against her, such as Helen and Manami Kiba.

In the tie-in Cinderella Girls Theater skits, Atsumi proves herself to be very forward in promoting skinship with her fellow idols. When she went into a daydreaming frenzy, Manami Kiba drew her out of it by placing her on her lap and under her own cleavage. Atsumi underwent her own Dream Festival, trying to get other idols’ permission to fondle their breasts. She employed tactics such as acting like a little sister and bribery. Atsumi has occasionally been distracted by breasts by using other objects (particularly food), such as Naho Ebihara’s bread buns, cow udders, and sausage meat.

(Source: Project iM@S)