Haruna Kamijou

Haruna is an ordinarylooking girl who adores glasses and cats. She is always trying to convince other idols to wear them giving them to others that dont even need them. Haruna has a tendency to become absolutely distraught at the thought of wearing contact lenses. Harunas love of glasses comes from being given confidence when she received her first pair and she even owns a huge collection of glasses. At her initial audition she removed them because no one else was wearing glasses but not wearing them made her nervous and not perform as well. The producer encountered her afterward deciding he would make her a glasses themed idol renewing her confidence and desire to continue the job. Since then Haruna has been determined to break the stereotypes of glassesgirls by being a radiant and good idol. She often feels a lot of pressure due to the determination not to let down her glasses and thus the image of other girls that wear glasses. In the tie in Cinderella Girls Theater skits Her first appearances features her giving glasses to Momoka Sakurai and preparing a birthday party with several other glasseswearing idols for Ritsuko. She later forces Hina Araki into performing with glasses she made despite the fellow unit member having contacts available. When performing in Germany Haruna proves that she cares much more about her glasses than the elegant dress she wears. Her plans for Christmas are to put glasses on everyone while theyre sleeping and she promotes having osechiryouri on New Years. Haruna also loves cats and has been known to try putting glasses on a few of them. Source: Project iMS