Asuka Ninomiya


Intense and brooding, Asuka is a 14-year-old searching for her own identity. Described as a subcultural, cool type chuunibyou, she speaks in an overly obscure fashion. Asuka has an intricate aura and her lines tend to be excessively dark and filled with angst, an example being "It's cold, not the weather, my heart". Asuka, being self-aware asks the Producer to cut her some slack if she's unpleasant at times because she's dealing with puberty. She enjoys grunge and buckle fashion, and collects hair extension that she wears in her casual attire and idol costumes.

Asuka believes that the ability to convey one's feelings is something she doesn't possess but thinks her feelings can reach the Producer since the two are similar. She also tends to be very skeptical and apparently, unless she sees something with her own eyes, won't believe a rumor about it. She even views paranormal things as things that can't exist outside of a person's imagination. Due to her personality, and similarities, Asuka has become good friends with Ranko.

In the tie-in Cinderella Girls Theater skits, Asuka is introduced by Shiho. She believes love and peace to be the same in principle, as only those who believe in them have them. She does not like black coffee and thinks that the aura of the office roof is heartwarming.

Initially, in Cinderella Girls, Asuka was the rival boss idol of the Shizuoka area. She was an enemy to the Cinderella Girls cast, who later joined them and became available to produce.

(Source: Project iM@S)