Tamami Wakiyama

Tamami is a Kendo practitioner and a romanticist of when Samurai defended Japan. She was her teams captain and her initial dream was to become a samurai. She has a big heart and a strong sense of justice but people take her less seriously because of her built. She often refer to herself in thirdperson. She is helpful responsible and respectful to her fellow idols and the Producer not wanting to disappoint him with the task or job that he has given her in any way. Despite the teasing Tamami strives to become the best idol and uses her weak points as reasons on why she should work harder. In Starlight Stage the Producer met Tamami while she was fighting some delinquents that were harassing a girl. She quickly realized that she didnt bring her kendo sword but the Producer assisted her quickly causing the delinquents to run away. The Producer scolded her for getting into fights in the street but she quickly justified that she was helping the harassed girl and therefore wasnt picking a fight. Tamami explained the way of justice and thanked him for his help. The Producer decided to scout Tamami and she left with his business card. She was shocked that he would want to scout her. A few days later she came to the agency to become an idol. In the tie in Cinderella Girls Theater skits Tamami is an insecure yet reliable girl. She refers to the Producer with the dono suffix. Tamami is easily brought to happiness with flattery particularly if told that she looks adultlike cute or like a hero. She likes to perform on large stages and has confused golf with Kendo in the past. Despite her cool aura and her brave personality she isnt really fond of ghosts or rather the supernatural stuff in general which is evident in one of her SR cards. In the Sakura no Koro commu Yoshino Yorita comments that Tamami has a fiery and strong determination to win which leads Tamami on explaining that she doesnt see any good points in her as an idol because people have always found her small and weak so Tamami wanted to prove that she isnt just a small girl who cant do anything.It is noted that Tamami is not the type to easily accept her defeat and would feel disappointed in herself when she thinks that she has not done enough. In the Frost commu she tells the Producer that her schoolmates support her job as an idol and that they all help her catch up with things she miss at school. She is good friends with Ayame Hamaguchi and Karin Domyoji. Source: Project iMS