Vampire King Duzell
Other Names: Duzie Age: As kyawl 0 Height: As kyawl 33 Weight: As kyawl 11 lbs 1st Appearance: Vampire Game Act 1 Source: vampiregameresource.hostei.com The dreaded Vampire King. Bored with his immortality he forced his minions to attack the human race in an allout war. After losing the battle against the white knight Phelios he was killed but swore revenge on Phelios bloodline. Now reincarnated as a helpless housecat Duzell searches for the reincarnation of Phelios. At first he thinks it is Ishtar but after tasting her blood he finds this is not true. As a former vampire he was quite malicious and selfish as well as bisexual. However after he meets Ishtar his personality softens and through several adventures he learns what love truly is.