Kengo Doujun

道順健碁, Blood Shepard
He is extremely amoral in his methods noted to use any and all means available to successfully complete his mission. He shows no loyalty to others as he is willing to use any teammate he is working with as bait or as a tool to get himself any advantage if possible even if means endanger them greatly. He is however not above saving them if it proves too dangerous after they served their purpose. He is very dishonest and manipulative constantly using lies and traps to deceive his enemies. One of his most noticeable traits is his loathing for overdependence on AIs stemming largely from the accident that ruined his life. Ultimately he only sees them as a tool for humans to exploit and otherwise disposable. Kengo projects his intense hatred towards AIs into the Ignis which he became obsessed with destroying. As noted by Varis Kengo displays a strong pride in being a bounty hunter and acting on his own sometimes to the point of stubborness. Varis described Kengo as A lone wolf because of this