Miu Manaduru

真鶴美羽, Miyu Manadzuru, Miu Manazuru
Birthday:Sep 25
Miu is a cheerful clumsy and often clueless student in Ayane039s class at Tategami High. She has few wants or desires apart from spending time with her friends going on dates and managing the school039s soccer team. Miu039s Gate power manifests itself when she attempts to escape from the excessive attentions of one of her dates and that is when Ayane discovers her as well and reluctantly recruits her to the AEGIS cause. After being recruited by Ayane Miu starts to hang out with her which makes her friends wonder what made her hang out with such a weird person. When Miu is in Ayane039s presence she asks if she can do anything but Ayane either ignores her or just tells her how worthless she is. Miu upon being asked by Ayane what she is fighting for answers that she wants to make everyone happy and is just curious. Her close friends Chinami and Nao even says that she does not get mad at all.