Kazuho Haneyama

羽根山和歩, Pop☆Step
Birthday: May 28 Height: 158 cm 52 Occupation: Vigilante Quirk: Leap allows the user to leap at very high and large distances PopStep is a very logical and intellectual person she acts as the brains of the vigilantes. She appears to act like a more moderate tsundere mocking and insulting her allies despite clearly caring for Koichi. As an Idol she appears to love singing and performing despite not being particularly skilled or talented in either. When Kazuho wants to use her Quirk and express herself as her alter ego PopStep she paints a black mask ties her hair in pigtails and dresses in a succubus themed onepiece black leotard with a heartshaped opening in the center of the chest and a smaller one in the back where it is located just below two bat wings. Source: Wikia