Irene Belserion

アイリーン・ベルせリオン, Scarlet Despair, Queen of Dragons
Irene is a tall voluptuous woman with thickly braided bowadorned scarlet hair. Her two front braids have two golden ornaments near the upper sections she also wears two Ushaped earrings one on each ear and wears red lipstick. For clothing Irene dons a risqu version of the typical witchs garb. Her black top has a diamondshaped opening exposing a portion of her breasts and a heartshaped pattern around the borders. It extends down to the naval of her stomach where it meets a large angular scar is draped over by a darkcolored cape with a lightcolored inside and two medallion goldlike ornaments and is held together by a golden chain. Not left bare too her neck is decorated by other small clothbased accessories including a wide bow. Additionally Irene wears an elongated black loincloth with the symbol of the Alvarez Empire emblazoned on its front having white borders on its edges and being connected to another cloth piece with the very same heartshaped design. She also wears black thighhigh boots with heels that have a whitecolored border near the top and gloves of the same color and design only having clawlike extensions. Her black witchs hat is much larger than her head and possesses dreadlock designs with white bandaging near its ends. It also has a fur lining near its edges. Irene has shown to be very knowledgeable showcasing herself as a historian when revisiting a folktale of her birthplace seemingly enjoying the counterbalance of a wonderful story of the two angels of Zonia. Shes shown to have a humorous side to her as seen when she wanted to see Juliet and Heine do battle only to later say it was a joke.