グレイスフィール, Goddess of the Flame, Goddess of Flux, Ruler of Souls and Samsara, Ruler of the eternal cycle
Gracefeel is a mysterious goddess associated with the flame and enteral flux. She is the guardian deity of William. She is a humanoid goddess with long black hair and gold eyes. She has a gentle face and wears a hooded robe that covers her notable features. She holds a lantern in her right hand usually held by a long handle. In her herald form she takes the appearance of a warm flame. Gracefeel is the goddess of the flame and flux. She was a renowned deity with many followers in the Union Age but after the Great Collapse her followers dispersed and her image became obscure over time. She became a mysterious deity even her gender was forgotten by society and her only notable feature was her hooded robe lantern and her connections with the deities Volt and Mater notable for being her parents. Her elder sister previously helped guide the souls but she slowly grew tired as she watched the heroes she adored lose their light and decided to leave younger sister Gracefeel and use her power to enteralise her image of heroes. Source: Saihate no Paladin Wiki