Kyousuke Hyoubu

兵部京介, Major
Birthday:Apr 15, 1930
Blood Type:O
Sign: Aries Hyoubu is the immature and somewhat sadistic leader of PANDRA an allesper criminal organization that aids fellow espers and seeks to create a world where their kind can leave peacefully. Initially introduced as an antagonist in the series he eventually becomes more of an antihero and a main character. His level is immeasurable and has the power of psychokinesis teleportation psychometry telepathy and hypnosis. He controls the telomeres in his body retaining the appearance of a 15 year old. Knowing that The Children will have a pivotal role in the impending EsperNormals War he is usually seen trying to convince them to join his cause. During World War II he joined the militarys esper unit with his foster sister Fujiko. Hyoubu developed a familial bond with his commander but was betrayed by him at the end of the war. He survived the multiple gunshots and grew an undying hatred for normal humans eventually taking revenge on every person involved with the development of the esper unit.