Qifrey is a witch and Cocos teacher. He runs an atelier and currently has four disciples. He is a young man with white hair and blue eyes. He usually wears a set of white robes with a pointed cap and a pair of small glasses with one clear lens and one dark lens. Qifrey is a caring teacher who patiently teaches his students magic. This is especially true for Coco who has no special abilities as a witch at first but he continues to encourage her until she can draw magic skillfully. He is protective of all his disciples as seen from how he protects them from being taken by Esheath from the Magic Security Council. However Qifrey is overly obsessed with his goal to locate the Brimmed Hats with his gentle attitude oftentimes replaced by a buried hatred he has always hidden. It appears he had a personal agenda against the Brimmed Hats as well. Source: Witch Hat Atelier Wiki