トウカ, The White Wizard,Shiro Madoushi

Touka (トウカ Tōka) is a member of the Fairy Tail Guild. Known as The White Wizard (白魔道士 Shiro Madōshi), her prowess is said to rival that of Zeref’s. She is the founder of Liberius and possesses the ability to steal the magic power of others. Touka is a slim, young-looking woman of average height. The ends of her hair are sausage curled, bundled into four thick strands in the back and two thick strands in the front. She dons a corset over a layered dress, as well as dark colored stockings. Touka has many dark green ribbons on herself, including two in her hair and one around the frilled neckline of her dress containing a stone in the middle. She also wears a gold headdress with a decorative rose design and a small jewel. Her guild mark is on the back of her right hand. Touka also appears to have a striped tail, which she hides under her dress. Touka portrays herself as a kind, friendly girl who was eager to join Fairy Tail, mainly so that she could meet Natsu. She has been a self-proclaimed fan of Natsu and is madly in love with him, to the point of exaggerating how she met him. She is very similar to Juvia in this regard, to the point that Cana even points it out.