トキ, Crested Ibis

Crested Ibis has a soft, fluffy tail and pale yellow eyes and lacks highlights, a feature typically only portrayed by Extinct Friends. Like other avian friends, she has white wings on her head that fade to salmon. Her hair is white and wispy, with long side bangs that transition from crimson-charcoal. She wears an over-sized white button shirt, accompanied by a pink ruffled collar and thin rope ribbon. On her legs, she wears a pink pleated skirt, as well as leggings of a darker hue underneath. Her gloves and cuffs of her sleeves are the same shade of pink. Covering her feet are a pair of black mary-janes.

Crested Ibis is usually very soft-spoken and calm but is loud and enthusiastic when singing. She hopes to attract new friends with her singing and is appreciative of her fans. She seems to give much thought about even the mundane happenings in life, which often end up being the motifs for her songs.