Tsuchinoko has cyan hair and her own eyes sometimes shine the same color. She has a thick brown and black striped tail which matches the stripes of her hooded jacket. Her main feature is her unique brown and black striped hooded jacket which covers her upper body all the way to the top of her head. The top of the hood has two red circles that resemble large eyes. The front of the hood has a yellow middle portion to symbolize the Tsuchinoko belly with side pockets in the middlebottom part. She wears a pink bow that has a blue gradient at the end to resemble the tongue. She wears a very traditional and difficulttowear geta kind known as a Tengu geta which has only a single thin and tall wooden base compared to the usual geta. She is generally shy and does not want to come into contact with other Friends. Despite this she has a very loud and potentially dirty mouth. She will use this kind of voice to assert what she wants to say. It is not uncommon for other Friends to consider her speech patterns rude. She seems to be fond of knowledge researching about Japari Park and taking note of its history. She becomes gleeful when she comes across discoveries that wasnt known to Japari Park before. However she seems to know a lot about things that could be considered ancient around the Park.