Camilla Hui Guo Rou


Affiliation: Kakin Empire
Occupation: Second Prince of Kakin Empire

Camilla is a beautiful woman with long, fair hair worn in an intricate hairstyle, with some locks falling on her back, others being tied above the nape of her neck and four framing her face. She has clear eyes and long eyelashes.
In her first appearance, she is seen wearing a necked dress and a tiara. In general, she seems to wear fancy dresses. During the ceremony, Camilla wears a mermaid dress, and for the formal party, she wears a splendid long dress with sophisticated embroidery and two luxurious necklaces. Her hairstyle during the party is also different, resembling a large beehive style, though some of her locks are still falling around her face.

Camilla gave the untouchables of Kakin the chance to become her private guards. She had a special district built on her private property where they can enjoy privileges equal to those of the military, which earned her the support of the group