Benjamin Hui Guo Rou

Affiliation: Kakin Empire Occupation: First Prince of the Kakin Empire Deputy Military Adviser of the Royal Army Benjamin is a large heavily muscled man with spiky hair. He has a large nose and lines across his cheeks. Benjamin is a very aggressive man as seen when he easily becomes riled from his younger brothers taunting. He is also extremely selfconfident causing Tubeppa to view him as arrogant. Despite that he is sociable as he is seen amiably talking with two elderly guests at the formal party. He treats his soldiers with respect and honors the memory of the deceased ones. His ultimate goal is not only the throne of Kakin but the unification of the world under Kakin rule. To achieve it he has no qualms about killing his own siblings which he in fact sees as a duty in order to maintain the tree of the royal family healthy. In particular he seems to hate Tserriednich while also having a sort of rivalry with him and is determined to kill him with his own hands. Despite Tserriednich thinking lightly of Benjamins intelligence Balsamilco believes this to be a byproduct of his impulsiveness and tendency to take the shortest route to a goal but regards him as flexible and logical once he has been supplied the necessary information to act upon.