Flower: Japanese Pagoda tree Has beautiful vibrant summer blossoms Enju was an anthropologist with telepathic powers. She had a steadfast love for Gyokuran despite knowing she would never be able to compete with Mokuren for Gyokurans attentions. Despite this she never treated Mokuren badly and never let herself turn bitter. Later on the two paired after Shion and Mokuren got engaged however Gyokuran still loved Mokuren and believed that Shion forced her into the engagement allowing him to hope that Mokuren did love him back. Because of this even after they hooked up Enjus feelings were never really returned by Gyokuran. Shusuran was Enjus best friend and supported her unwaveringly as much as she could through Enjus days of trying to gain Gyokurans interest. Enju was the fourth to die. Source: Wikipedia