Judai Yuki

遊城十代, Aniki, Jaden, Dropout Boy, Slifer Slacker, Supreme King Haou
Birthday:Aug 31
Judai is your regular Duelist who loves to play the game. Hes a member of the Slifer Red dorm and is usually called a Slifer Slacker. He wants to become the next King Of Games and is willing to duel anyone for the Title. Judai has the ability to see Duel Monster spirits. His spirit partner is Winged Kuriboh. In the anime Judai recieved Winged Kuriboh from Yugi Moto while in the manga he recieved it from Kouyou Hibiki. In the anime Judai first plays an Elemental Hero deck then a NeoSpacian deck but now he plays a deck combined with Elemental Heroes and NeoSpacians. His strategy is based on fusing monsters together. In the manga he plays an Elemental Hero deck however it differs from the deck in the anime.