Izumi Amakawa

Izumi works in the same company as Fubuki and considers Kirari a rival for Hiroto's feelings. Although sweet and charming at first glance, Izumi plays a double standard and immediately shows hatred towards Kirari. Her feelings for Hiroto have brought her to the extent of stealing Hiroto's first kiss and injuring Kirari's leg; these feelings only intensified when Hiroto angrily demanded her not to touch Kirari. During a fashion show, Izumi's identity is revealed to be Hyoutarou Izumi, a childhood friend of Hiroto's. Back when the two were little, Hiroto promised to become an idol unit with him, but Hyoutarou's family moving separated them. Hyoutarou later realized that Hiroto had broken his promise and teamed up with Seiji, which led him to pursue Hiroto aggressively by becoming an idol under the guise of a girl. Although Hyoutarou's identity is revealed to Kirari, he becomes less of a physical threat to her; however, since he is gay his feelings for Hiroto still remain strong.