Height 174cm 59 Melone is a minor antagonist and is a member of La Squadra Esecuzioni. He is a young man of athletic build and average height. He keeps long straight hair descending down to his shoulder. Inspired by Venetian design Melones most distinctive feature remains his clothes. He wears a dark suit with a concentric circle motif lacking the right sleeve and a large part of the right side. Melone also wears matching gloves and shoes as well as a transparent mask covering his right eye. Over his trousers Melone sports two decorative chains at the shins level in each leg. Melone shows himself to be a polite man in most circumstances. Approaching every activity with cold professionalism he physically and mentally inspects his future victims looking at them more like tools to create his Stand than fellow human beings. The TV anime portrays a rather lecherous nature showing him openly licking his lips in delight as he observes a beautiful womans legs and feet something his teammates are humorously disturbed by as well as looking at a womans legs in the train station near the end of the Baby Face arc. Both of these scenes are absent in the manga and only present in the TV anime. Melone always reacts jovially when circumstances match or exceed his expectations exclaiming Di Molto On the other side when things do not go his way he becomes nervous yet remains coolheaded enough to issue tactical instructions likely due to the fact that he is not the one facing immediate danger. Melone wields the Stand Baby Face which is a computerlike humanoid Stand he uses to create autonomous longrange Stands also named Baby Face he can direct to kill his targets. He needs to find a blood sample of his target and a woman to host said Stand before he can act. Source: JoJos Bizarre Wiki