Angelica Attanasio

Angelica is an extremely sickly pale fraillooking girl with faintly red lips. Her build is so frail that her neck trembles and seems like it could snap under the weight of her own head. She has extremely long wavy hair with about five flowers in it. Blood frequently trickles out of her mouth due to her illness. Her illness makes her too weak to do strenuous movements or fight. She wears a short sleeveless dress with a wrap below her chest shaped like diamonds with ovals in them vaguely resembling eyes. Underneath the dress she wears bloomers with flowers printed on just above the hem. Beads wrap around both her legs starting from her hamstring and down near her ankles. The beads on her left leg wrap around four times whilst the beads on her right leg appear to only wrap around twice. She completes her outfit with dark lowheeled shoes. Source: JoJos Bizarre Encyclopedia