センゴク, Fleet Admiral, Gensui, the Buddha
Birthday:May 9
Devil Fruit: Hito Hito no Mi Model: Daibutsu Human Human Fruit Buddha Model Devil Fruit Type: Zoan The supreme commander of all Naval forces in the One Piece world his status apparent by the lifesize seagull attached to his hat. He oversees the workings of the Navy from his base in the Sanctuary of Marie Joie and is subordinate only to the leaders of the World Government the Gorsei. He also has a pet goat. quotSengokuquot can be written in kanji mean quotwarring statesquot which is a period of Japanese history. He was the one who twenty years ago as an admiral entrusted the Golden Den Den Mushi to Spandine allowing him to order the Buster Call on Ohara. He also seems to dislike the Shichibukai like Commodore Smoker. Sengoku is considered by Whitebeard as one of the few people that know the seas from the time of Gold Roger.