Doremifasolati Do

Doremifasolati Do is described as a Rock Animal with a caterpillarlike body. Its face vaguely resembles that of a dog or bear with the tongue constantly sticking out. Its head sports several grooves having deeper grooves extending from its eyesockets. The rest of its torso is made up of several flat rectangular stones adorned with designs resembling human arms. These flat stones provide excellent defense from attacks and can be shifted rapidly like tank treads to mobilize underground. On each side of Doremifasolati Dos torso are two stones that are topped with spinning rocklike human hands. Doremifasolati Do also has a tail in the shape of humanoid legs that is made up of the aforementioned stones allowing it to stand when above ground. Its torso lacks any internal organs instead being hollow. This functions as a makeshift cockpit allowing a person to hide within its body like a shell. Source: JoJos Bizarre Encyclopedia