Karera Sakunami


Karera is a young woman of slim build and average height. She has long, dark hair and her bangs are styled into multiple, large curls, similar to those of Giorno Giovanna. On her head, she wears a fish-print bandana. Her outfit consists of a dark-colored bralette with a zipper in the front, a long vest, and a pair of short shorts. Attaching her shirt and shorts is a pair of suspenders. During her first appearance, she wears a pair of heeled gladiator sandals. Later on, she wears striped thigh high socks with a pair of ocean-themed heels decorated with stars and seashells.

Karera has a characteristic staggering gait, always looking as if she is going to fall sideways when she walks.

(Source: JoJo's Bizarre Encyclopedia)