Blackmore is a man of average to aboveaverage height and medium build. He wears a black hooded poncho punctuated in two columns on its chest and lining its sleeves by small metallic rings. Through the top of its hood is threaded a long ponytail of his light hair. Underneath he wears light clothes covering his arms to his metacarpals and his pants and boots in a piece patterned by a symbol resembling a halved taijitu. Blackmore is introduced as one of Funny Valentines loyal men and an especially skilled assassin. His mission is to recover the Saint Corpse Parts that Johnny and Gyro had so far collected. With his Stand Catch the Rainbow Blackmore may manipulate rain including by halting falling drops making them into threatening obstacles or a path he may cross in air and relocating functioning parts of/or his entire body with their moving touch and force. Source: JoJos Bizarre Encyclopedia