Axl RO


Axl appears to be a middle-aged man of average to above-average height and medium build. Darkness (either shadow, paint or a tattoo) covers his face to just below his eyes and in mirrored, hook-like tribal marks on his cheeks; save for a scattering of dots.

Over a light, drooping rag, he wears a thick, round military helmet covered by a net. He wears a thick wide-necked top, bearing four dark rectangular patches between his shoulders and elbows on his long sleeves. His chest is overlaid with a V-shaped piece from which hang layers of squares; and he wears dark, knee-high boots.

Axl's Stand is Civil War, with which is he able to transfer or unload sin and guilt via the attacks of hostile, ghostly representations of people and objects he or his targets harbor as having wronged or unfairly discarded.The manifestations of objects and people can appear suddenly from anywhere, for instance shadows or reflections in a mirror.

These objects attach themselves to and move through the target's body, creating a thin membrane that slowly engulfs them and the specters of people and animal likewise attack the target and try to fuse with them. Although a specter may also transform into the membrane, it can also physically harm its target.The membrane then gradually shrinks until the target is crushed.

Once the target makes contact with the object, they instantly remember how and why they sacrificed it or feel guilt about it. Axl RO is also able to directly command the specters to attack enemies or to defend himself.

(Source: JoJo's Bizarre Encyclopedia)