A mysterious greeneyed warrior and successor of the Seito Gekken. A descendant of the Yuezhi who carries their nearly 2000year grudge against the Hokuto and believes God has chosen him to destroy it. This extends indiscriminately to other fists that have descended from the Hokuto such as Liu Zongwus Hokuto Ryukaken and Liu Feiyans Kyokujuji Seiken. He also prays to the moon every night. He works as a bodyguard for Du Tianfeng and claims his name is ancient Hebrew for to see God. He robbed a Kuomintang train and gave away all its food to peasants. Though captured he escaped execution after TinFng paid for his freedom. Later it is revealed that he is a descendant of Shuken and Yahmas child thus making him a member of the Hokuto Soke bloodline. He eventually redeems himself and joins Kenshiro Kasumi and his friends.