The sadistic sheriff on board Neuron. Though Vanilla is extremely strict in enforcing his authority upon the passengers and enjoys doing so thoroughly he is not above corruption and is willing to make deals accept bribery or steal memory chips for himself. He also has a weakness for extremely cute girls. In spite of his shortcomings however he is surprisingly devoted to Kaiba and has gone through great lengths to insure his safety albeit not knowing his true identity and in Chroniko039s body. This devotion comes to a head in episode 7 while the two are on the run from the law. He transfers Kaiba039s and HyoHyo039s memories elsewhere as their ship is under bombardment knowing full well that they would be unable to escape and also telling Kaiba that he had back up bodies elsewhere to comfort him. However after making sure that Kaiba is safe Vanilla reveals that there was no such insurance for him and he perishes alongside Chroniko039s memoryless body when the ship is destroyed.