Edo Phoenix

エド・フェニックス, Aster Phoenix
Edo is a professional duelist that frequently visits Duel Academy. He wanted to prove that Judai is a fake and said that Judai used his deck ideas. In many ways he involves himself with a mysterious person named Saiou. He believes that Destiny plays a role in dueling and that he039ll become the next quotKing Of Gamesquot. He has been mentioned once in the manga but is yet to make an actual appearance. Edo039s deck is focused around a special series of quotHeroquot cards. These cards unlike Judai039s are DARK monsters. The rare themed DARK Heroes were designed by Edo039s missing father. Based upon tales of British literature Edo039s deck is made up of quotDestiny Heroquot039s. The Destiny Heroes each have unique abilities that change the way the game is played.