天野弱, Amano Jaku, Amano Jyaku
Sometime in the 17th century Amano Jyaku began his search for the Chjin in the human realm it is not known whether Megumi Amano or Kuroko accompanied him. Also during this time he must have encountered Suikakujyu and started of his infamous rivalry with him. Little is known up to 1923 where he foiled Suikakujyus attempt to destroy the Chjin using a water demon. Unfortunately it triggered off the Great Kanto Earthquake and Tokyo suffered heavy losses. Cut to Osaka in the late eighties/early nineties and Amano Jyakus quest for the Chjin has taken him to Myojin University. It is here that he Megumi and Kuroko encounter Tatsuo Nagumo and Akemi Ito. From the outset Amano believes Ozaki to be the Chjin. However it transpires that Ozaki merely had some of the Chjins power and Amano soon realises that Nagumo is his prime suspect. From here on Amano becomes the unofficial protector of the Chjin and becomes the defender of all that is right and moral or so he thinks....