Cronos de Medici

クロノス・デ・メディチ, Kuronosu de Medichi, Vellian Crowler
English Name: Vellian Crowler Dr. Cronos de Medici is the professor of the Obelisk Blue dorm. He appears in both the anime and manga. In the first season/year Crowler expressed a dislike for Judai because Jaden beat him in the entrance exams so he tried to expell Judai but failed everytime. Eventually Cronos de Medici grows to respect Judain and becomes sad in the fourth season when he finds out they are the graduating class. In the English version of the anime Cronos calls Osiris Slifer Red students Slifer Slackers while in the Japanese version he calls them DropOut Boys. Also in the English version Crowler speaks with a vague British accent while in the Japanese version he speaks in an Italian accent often yelling phrases Mama Mia and Buongiorno His hair and clothing have sometimes made him be called Miss in the English version. In the manga Cronos acts the same as he did in the first season of the anime. Crowler plays an Ancient Gear deck.