San Sherard


San is an enthusiastic girl, with a large appetite. She often makes Forte bake or buy her food. One of her favorite hobbies is making Forte cross-dress. She does this by either tricking him, or by forcing him. Forte and San are both examinees in the Magic Exam. When they learn that Nina has accidentally swallowed the Crystal Pearl, they kidnap her, planning to keep her for the remainder of the exams. While Sun was enjoying time with Nina, both of them eating cake together, Forte was complaining about having to watch over her for so long. When Sun heard this, she suggested they kill Nina and then extract the pearl. San and Forte constantly go after Nina in attempts to get the pearl, but they always fail. Although Sun intends on killing Nina, she seems rather friendly towards Nina, and thinks of the exam as a game. San also seems to be rather good friends with Zero. She was rather pleased when they were paired together for the Kimodameshi, and the two seem to have a rather friendly relationship throughout the series. In the sequel, Modotte! Mamotte! Lollipop we learn that two years after Zero and Ichî passed the exam, that Sun and Forte passed as well. They are now contestants in the Advanced Magical Exams. When they realize that Nina has once again swallowed the item needed to pass the exams, they plan to capture her, though this time they don’t intend on killing her. Instead, they explain that they will keep her in a giant bird cage until the end of the exam. Sun, Forte, and the other contestants join Nina’s school to keep an eye on her and collect shards of the Crystal Drop when they get the chance. They play a rather minor role in the rest of the series.

Ever since she was a child, Sun Sherard has had extraordinary powers. When her mother, Saria fell ill, Sun was blamed, and people began to say she was cursed. They believed that if Sun was kept away from her mother, that Saria would become well again, and so Sun wasn’t allowed to see Saria. When he first met Sun, something about her bothered Forte, and so when she ran off, he went after her. Sun didn’t understand why he had come to see her, and so he explained that he wanted to be her friend. This surprised her, though she was willing to play with him. After getting yelled at by her grandfather for seeing her mother, Sun goes into the forest with Forte, where she tells him she is cursed, and that it is her fault her mother is sick. She tells him that her mother had told her to keep smiling, and that she would get better if Sun just kept doing that. Though she wondered why her mother wasn’t getting any better. Forte didn’t have the heart to tell her the truth, and so he just sat there and held her hand. Eventually, Saria passed, and Forte met up with Sun at the funeral. Sun looked happy, as if nothing had happened. When Forte asked her if she was alright, she seemed to be clueless as to what he was talking about. This disgusted many people, and they whispered about how Sun was cursed. Forte was angered by this, and so he yelled at them all, telling them that she was not cursed. He then grabbed Sun’s hand and ran off with her into the woods. There, he told her it was okay to cry in front of him, and to only smile when she was having fun. He said that he knew her heart, and that he would always be beside her. Sun then burst into tears, mourning over her mother. On the 17th of July, Sun always goes to visit her mother’s grave in the magical world, as it is the anniversary of her mother's death. At the end of the exam, Sun and Forte end up failing (except in the anime, where they defeat the Black Pearl with the others and pass). The two have seemed to have taken a liking to the human world, and so they stay there. Although Sun and Forte are cousins, the two have a romantic relationship. An example of this is when Sun and Zero catch a nearly naked Forte leaning towards Nina. Although it is a complete misunderstanding, Sun and Zero do not know this. Sun is fuming and demands Forte to make a lot of food for her. Forte is actually frightened by Sun when she does this. Later, when Nina gets kidnapped by Kingdom, Forte and Sun go to help rescue her. After Zero dies, Forte plans on helping Ichî defeat Joker. Sun gets worried and cries, she reminds Forte he promised not to leave her, and begs him to stay. At the end of the book, Sun tells Forte she loves him, and he returns her feelings. He then tells her that they will stay together forever, and Sun kisses him on the cheek. Near the end of the series, Al tricks them and the other contestants into coming to the magical world. When they figure out the exams have been canceled, they plan on going to find Zero and Ichî and helping them retrieve the Stardust Stone, so that the exams may continue. In the end, they once again fail the exams. We don’t ever find out if Sun and Forte ever pass the exams, but we can assume that they do. In the epilogue of the first series, Forte is set up in an arranged marriage with Rokka by his grandfather. When Sun hears this, she breaks in to the marriage meeting. She says to Forte, “I’ve found you For-chan. You said you’d stay with me forever. If you marry someone else, then I’ll never, never, never forgive you!” She then ruins the marriage meeting by sending Step Cats everywhere. Forte calls her an idiot, and tells her that Grandfather will not forgive them, though he is smiling and seems somewhat amused when he says this. So Sun and Forte end up together, though it is unknown if they get married, since it is never stated.

(Source: Mamotte Lollipop Wikia)