Astra Ludger Doomsday

Age: 35 Height: 202 cm Race: Human Justitian The former captain of the Holy Justitian Chivalric Orders 1st Company. Appears to be overly serious and is fairly violent. He reluctantly retired early because of his strong desire for a peaceful life. Hes relatively full of expression under his mask but he never takes it off unless hes in the bath or sleepinghe cant calm down if he doesnt do so he covers his face with his cape during his sleep. Because of the size of his body just about all clothes on the market dont fit him. Hence he doesnt buy any. He wears his uniform casually as it gives him the feel of wearing his high school jersey casually. His hobbies include remodeling his home and thinking about home improvement. His favorite food is highquality candy. Hes bad at cooking himself.