アリエル, Maou, Demon Lord, Demon King, Ancient Divine Beast, Ariel the Origin Taratect
The Origin Taratect Ancient Divine Beast Ruler of Gluttony and current Demon Lord. She is the origin of all Taratects in the System and thus all spiders can be considered her kin. The Queen Taratects and Puppet Taratects are her closest kin having wills and personalities of their own and are not dominated by Kin Control even though she has this skill. Ariel appears no different than regular human albeit looks like she is in her earlyteens despite her great age. She has short black hair with a pure white strip on her bangs. Her skin is a light healthy tone and her eyes are an unnatural red. She wears a tubetop and hotpants outfit adorned with straps around her waist and legs. Along her back is a stripped cape with a highfur collar. This cape has eight strips to represent her spiderlike nature and she can control them at will using her thread Skill. Source: Kumo Desu ga Nani ka? Wiki