シュロー, Shurou, Toshiro Nakamoto, 半本 俊朗, Nakamoto Toshirou
Shuro is a former member of the Thorden siblings party. His real name is Toshiro Nakamoto. He is an Eastern man with long black hair tied back in a ponytail fair skin and black eyes. He is shorter than Laios but taller than Marcille. When he appears again in the story he appears more gaunt with sunken eyes and an unshaven face. Ordinarily Shuro is a reserved man who doesnt often make demands of others. He has trouble expressing his true opinions to other people instead relying on subtle social cues to imply what he feels. If the other party doesnt understand it he tends to go along with what they say instead of push the issue. He seems to be impulsive under pressure making snap decisions such as rescuing Falin by himself. Source: Dungeon Meshi Wiki