チルチャック, Chiruchyakku

Chilchuck is a Halfling locksmith and member of Laios's party.

He is a Halfling with light skin, short brown hair, and brown eyes. As is typical of his race, he has the appearance of a young human child with large ears. In his typical dungeon attire, he wears a padded vest and green scarf over a white shirt, brown finger-less gloves, black pants, and brown boots. He wears a black turtleneck shirt instead of his white one when the party sets up camp.

Chilchuck is shrewd and practical, rarely taking jobs from adventurers unless he is paid in advance. He's more open to eating monsters than Marcille is, but like her, draws a hard line at humanoids. He generally goes along with whatever the party does, but can speak frankly when they do something that can get them killed. His job as the party rogue puts him on edge, as failure to undo or avoid traps can lead his companions to immediate mortal danger. When his party members ignore his warnings, he quickly becomes agitated. He prefers to keep his private life separate from his work, so he doesn't tell his party a lot about himself.

(Source: Dungeon Meshi Wiki)