Hao Meng

孟浩, Fang Mu, Grandmaster Pill Cauldron
Gender: Male Age: 16 introduction Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Black Species: Human Occupation: Ninth Generation Demon Sealer Affiliations: League of Demon Sealers Meng Hao was once a young scholar in Yunjie Country who had failed the imperial exams for the third time. Sitting on Mount Daqing he was kidnapped and brought to a sect of immortal cultivators by his future beloved Xu Qing. After some time in the Reliance Sect Meng Hao acquired the legacy of the League of Demon Sealers becoming the final Ninth Generation Demon Sealer. Meng Hao was on his way to becoming the Immortal but due to the interference of Allheaven in the form of a war that leads to the destruction of the Mountain and Sea Realm he chooses to defile himself starting his path to becoming the Demon. Source: I Shall Seal the Heavens Wiki