Maki Oze

尾瀬茉希, Oggress
Birthday:Sep 16
Blood Type:O
Height: 167 cm 56 Affiliation: Special Fire Force Company 8 Rank: First Class Fire Soldier A former member of the military she is an excellent fighter who controls fire. Shes a cool lady but is mad about love stories and her beauty is overshadowed by her head full of flowers and wedding bells. Shes friendly but goes berserk when anyone comments on her muscles. Apparently she used to be slender. Abilities: Maki possesses Second Generation abilities having adapted to Spontaneous Human Combustion by becoming able to control flames from a long distance. In doing so she can handle herself against two Third Generations simultaneously being able to extinguish and absorb their generated flames into a giant fireball. Makis abilities provide defense for her entire team as she can reflect incoming fire attacks and use an opponents flames against them. While she is unable to deflect or redirect a fire with too much driving force she is still able to alter its shape in order to reduce its impact. Iron Owls By placing her fire spirits small fires she can control into a pair of weapons designed by Vulcan Maki is able to control the Iron Owls by making them float. Maki shows great skill using her weapons being able to use them to either a weapon by crashing them into her foes at great speeds or as a shield by crouching behind them. The Owls are durable but their circuitry is susceptible to electronic attack. Source: Kodansha USA