Arthur Boyle

アーサー・ボイル, Stupid, Knight King
Birthday:Jul 10
Blood Type:A
Height: 174 cm He Trained at the academy with Shinra. Although he follows his own personal code of chivalry as the selfproclaimed Knight King he is incredibly stupid. But girls love him. Abilities Being a Third Generation Pyrokinetic Arthur has been identified by individuals as having a strong will of fire. By raising the temperature of the flames he creates he can fabricate and control plasma which either elevates or diminishes in relation to Arthurs disarrangement from reality. The more delusional he is the stronger Arthur becomes. Being able to use his Ignition Ability on hiltlike objects Arthur can weld cut through metal and generate electricity. He mainly uses his ability on his bladeless sword Excalibur which is most effective using his right hand and cannot be easily extinguished by an experienced Second Generation. Using it he can deflect and fend off against flames. Source: Fire Force Wikia Kodansha