アイリス,, Humble woman of the cloth
Gender: Female Birth Date: April 10th Sign: Aries Age: 16 Height: 154 cm 5 Weight: 42 kg 92.6 lbs Blood Type: B Affiliation: Special Fire Force Company 8 Rank: Nun Favorite Food: Tomatoes Least Favorite Food: None Favorite Music: Gospel Favorite Animal: Sheep Favorite Color: Light Blue Her type: Someone who goes after his dream Respects: Princess Hibana Has trouble around: People who dont value life Afraid of: Violent people Hobbies: Gardening Daily Routine: Prayer Watering the flowers Researching dessert recipes Dream: World peace Shoe Size: 23 cm 6 Eyesight: 1.5 20/12.5 Favorite Subject: Language Arts Least Favorite Subject: Math A sister of the Holy Sol Temple her prayers are an indispensable part of extinguishing Infernals. Personalitywise she is no less than an angel. Source: Kodansha