Shizuma Kusanagi

A year ago this young tough ruffian was the KFight champion until Ryoko beat him. He has now returned for a rematch. He is a street brawler who practices kamui: a method that gives him fireki abilities. Besides his strength and use of flames he had no real martial arts training but simply uses methods from his years of experience in street fighting with this combination of his own personal style and fists of kamui which he christens it Hono no Tora quotTiger of Flamequot This makes him one of the strongest martial artist in the school. Unlike Ryoko he is not a member of any school club. So in the manga he created his own fan club. Although very cruel at times he shows a soft spot towards Miyuki the Hiten Shrine girl and Tessais grand daughter Sara his personal fan and sometimes even towards Ryoko who he admitted having romantic feelings for during their battle in volume 6 of the manga. Due to his family musical background he has skill with the guitar and piano. In his childhood he was taught kamui by an old homeless looking man named Ryugan Higishikata for everyday use. Shizuma turned it into a fighting technique. He owns a Motorcycle. He was obviously modelled after Kyo Kusanagi and has his last name. In the manga he is modeled after Donnie Yen as you can see in vol 6 of the manga he had Nunchakus in his final fight with Ryoko. wikipedia