Benimaru Shinmon

紅丸新門, Asakusa's King of Destruction, Moonlight Mask, Beni-chan, The Renowned Mightiest Fire Soldier, The Mightiest Hikeshi, Captain Shinmon Benimaru, The Demolishing King of Asakusa, Incredulous Do-Nothing, Captain Shinmon, Beni, Waka
Birthday:Feb 20
Benimaru Shinmon is a hybrid Second and Third Generation as well as the Captain of Special Fire Force Company 7. Benimaru is regarded as the strongest Fire Officer in the Special Fire Force. He is known as Asakusas King of Destruction because of the devastating power that he is capable of unleashing. He is also an extremely skilled handtohand combatant as shown when he easily outmaneuvered and overpowered the combined might of Maki Oze Shinra Kusakabe Tamaki Kotatsu Arthur Boyle and Takehisa Hinawa. He possesses the rare trait of being a Second and Third Generation which ultimately allows him to ignite his own flames willingly and also control flames from an external source. He can use his brigades matoi as a pole to fly to longdistance areas and by using his Second Generation ability can control the flames of other ignited matoi and direct them to a certain place. He can control the direction and speed of bullets in the same fashion as Takehisa. He is also capable of unleashing an immensely powerful blast that resembles a crimsoncoloured moon which is strong enough to kill a Demon Infernal. Benimaru is a practitioner of the iaido martial arts. Instead of using a sword he can create a sharp blade of flames a technique branching from his unique Iai HandSword: First Form fighting style.