Masayoshi Komi

Relatives: Yuiko Komi mother Sadayoshi Komi brother Shuuko Komi wife Shouko Komi daughter Shousuke Komi son Akira Komi niece Masayoshi Komi is Shoukos and Shousukes father. He is seen as a dandy middleaged man. Masayoshi rarely speaks and sometimes struggles to express himself verbally and can at times be easily flustered. Complementary to his wifes youthful attitude Masayoshi often appears mature and stoic. While he may come across as stern he is often shown to be kind considerate and supportive. Like his son Masayoshi tends to make up for his lack of communication with strong actions and is generally talented in a variety of skills including baking woodworking motorcycle riding and sandcastle construction. Despite his stoic expression he is adept at nonverbal communication and often holds silent conversations with his children much to Shuukos amusement. Source: Komisan Wiki edited